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Welcome to Island Paradise  
  a treat for the sense & a sanctuary for the soul ....


I.P.R.C. ( Island Paradise Resort Club ) is located in Koror
State of Palau . The resort features the combination of
modern luxury with Palau's culture , and the mystic charm of
its natural surroundings, as well as the unrivalled panoramic
view of the ocean . Offering a collection of timeless moments
of privacy , luxury and serenity .

Mornings , fresh as a young coconut. Days , bright as a lily.Nights,
still as a painting . Every day the life here is a blank canvas , we
provide the palette of colour , and you create your own masterpiece .

Guests can enjoy a wide range of facilities to seek a quiet,memorable
vacation . All of the villas and suites are elegantly decorated , and parts
of the rooms have ocean views . The resort is a 20-minute drive from
the airport , and around 5-minute to the downtown .

Every moment is an experience to treasure . Every space is yours to own .
Go outside , get some fresh air , and connect with nature to relieve stress
and gain new , creative ideas . We offer a wonderful experience that will
soothe your spirit .

Please contact us with any queries .

Island Paradise Resort Club
Koror, Republic Of Palau 96940
Tel +680 488 4777
Fax: +680 488 4778

  Come with us,create your own unforgettable memory.

Island Paradise Resort Club P.O. Box 6114 , Koror, Republic of Palau 96940
Tel : +680 488 4777   |   Fax : +680 488 4778   |   Email :
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